Project Blocks running in the HoloLens Emulator

Hello everyone!

While waiting patiently for our HoloLens devices to arrive we've started putting together a fun little project that's become a useful test environment for some of the concepts we're interested in exploring-- Project Blocks

I've been reliving my toddler years by playing with blocks in the HoloLens emulator, which is fun on its own. Building mega-structures out of kiddie blocks with an actual HoloLens should be a blast!

Testing out a bunch of systems for upcoming projects with a simple building block application.

This video shows some of the in-progress systems we're exploring

  1. Animated SpatialMapping shaders
  2. Tag-along user interface (thanks HoloToolkit!)
  3. Plane finding, especially important when physics are involved (again, thanks HoloToolkit!)
  4. Simple vertex-lit shader (all objects aside from SpatialMapping in one draw call)
  5. Object placement with air-tap
  6. Object placement with drag gestures (shown briefly at 0:37)
  7. HoloLens input module for Unity's EventSystem

More to come, including a public release once our devices arrive and we get some proper testing done.

Diffuse Wireframe shader for HoloLens

Understanding where you are in the HoloLens emulator can be difficult with the default wireframe shader.  If you find yourself getting lost in your scene, try this tweaked wireframe shader which includes diffuse lighting from a directional light.  Simply import it into your scene and use wherever you'd use the wireframe shader.  Make sure to add a directional light to you scene as well. 

Download the shader

Wireframe plus diffuse lighting