HoloBlocks (formerly Project Blocks) update

Project Blocks is now HoloBlocks

Coming soon to the Windows Store for Microsoft HoloLens for free!  Along with the name change comes some new blocky art, a finalized list of features for the first release, and a healthy dose of lessons learned.  Without further ado, here's what you can expect when HoloBlocks lands on your HoloLens.

Basic building blocks

Challenge your creativity and ingenuity as you build with simple, classic building block shapes including cube, cylinder, semi-circle, triangle, and bridge.  Select a shape from the menu and air-tap to place at the cursor location.  Tap and hold to fine-tune its placement by moving your hand in any direction. 

Pro tip: try placing shapes from different perspectives and see how they behave. 

HoloBlocks menus-- create and modify

HoloBlocks menus-- create and modify

Basic manipulation tools

Move and scale placed blocks to add a bit of dimension and variety to your creations.  Tap and hold on a block to start manipulating, simply complete the tap gesture to finish. 

Fun with physics

Use the push tool to apply some force!  Push a block and watch it tumble, try pushing from different perspectives and see how things change.  Looking for a more drastic change?  Turn gravity off and experience how fun and challenging it'd be to build with blocks on the International Space Station!  Zero-gravity + push = tons of fun.

Zero-gravity physics running amok

Zero-gravity physics running amok


That's it for today, follow us on twitter for more information and lessons learned from development.