Project Blocks running in the HoloLens Emulator

Hello everyone!

While waiting patiently for our HoloLens devices to arrive we've started putting together a fun little project that's become a useful test environment for some of the concepts we're interested in exploring-- Project Blocks

I've been reliving my toddler years by playing with blocks in the HoloLens emulator, which is fun on its own. Building mega-structures out of kiddie blocks with an actual HoloLens should be a blast!

Testing out a bunch of systems for upcoming projects with a simple building block application.

This video shows some of the in-progress systems we're exploring

  1. Animated SpatialMapping shaders
  2. Tag-along user interface (thanks HoloToolkit!)
  3. Plane finding, especially important when physics are involved (again, thanks HoloToolkit!)
  4. Simple vertex-lit shader (all objects aside from SpatialMapping in one draw call)
  5. Object placement with air-tap
  6. Object placement with drag gestures (shown briefly at 0:37)
  7. HoloLens input module for Unity's EventSystem

More to come, including a public release once our devices arrive and we get some proper testing done.